Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Hokey Pokey

Deborah Oak explains what it's all about:

I have pleasant encounters with people I love, I've gone forward and gotten stuck, something dramatic happens, it costs me, and somehow, eventually, I go forward again, with plenty of slowing down and breaking/braking to eat good food and enjoy the company of those I love. And, through it all, the sun or moon is high above, and there’s beauty all around.

Chas Clifton offers the on-shrooms version:

(You sit on the curb in front of the liquor store until a guy wearing a wizard's hat and driving a van with California plates comes along and says, "Hey, want to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant?")

The "Street of the Idol-Makers" was shorter than last year's version, due partly to Sacred Source now being owned by the same people as Maxine Miller Studios, or so I'm told.

The emphatically Pagan switch plate on the right was at Dryad Design's booth. Paul Borda has also designed a Green Man version, where the switch forms his tongue.

Hecate adds: I had dinner at Iron Gate Inn. The grape vines were bearing. I watered herbs. I read G/Son some poems. It's all good. It's all Goddess pouring Goddess into Goddess.

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deborah oak said...

yes, that IS what it's all about!!!