Monday, October 06, 2008

Hail Powers Of The East, Hail Athena, Hail Columbia

Isaac Bonewits, yes, THAT Isaac Bonewits, runs a great group called Spells for Democracy.

Here's one of his latest posts:

We're coming down to the end of the campaigns and the actual voting.
Here's what we need to be doing in the next few weeks to assure a fair
and honest election. Pick one and get to work!

Do the mundane stuff: Make sure you and your friends and neighbors are
registered to vote and have not been accidentally-on-purpose purged
from the voting rolls (see previous blog post). Volunteer to work at
the polls. If you have a legal background, volunteer with the ACLU and
other groups keeping an eye on the process.

Do the magical stuff:

Continue with protection spells on the candidates.

Continue with revelation spells on the candidates and the White House,
so that everyone's true intentions are made public.

Find your local polling place(s) and do protection and honesty spells
on the buildings.

Do binding spells on election officials to force them to keep their
oaths of office.

Do binding spells on the warmongers in the White House and the
Pentagon to prevent any last minute "surprises" that would "justify"
postponing or canceling the elections.

Remember, if the spell you want to do would be ethical if done
physically, then it's ethical to do it magically.

There was some sick fundie troll over at Eschatontoday wondering if any "lie-berals" ever prayed for their country. And I thought: more than you know, Motherfucker, more than you know. I've been doing magic w/ women to save this country for a number of years.

I'm especially liking the idea of protection spells on my local polling place. Bet I can walk deosil around that building as many times as I want w/o anyone seeing anything except an old woman out for a nice bit of exercise in the Autumn air.



Nancy Green said...

thank you hecate, you made my morning.

Anne Johnson said...

Great post! Keeping positive and affirmative is the answer.