Thursday, October 09, 2008

Prayer Vigil For The Earth

This weekend, if you're in DC, join in the Prayer Vigil for the Earth.

Join us for the Prayer Vigil for the Earth, held every autumn
on the mall near the Washington Monument.

Nestled near Native American Tipis
in the glow of a sacred fire, you are greeted
by the drums and rhythms of many nations...

The purifying sent of burning sage welcomes all
to this peaceful and prayerful space
to join in fellowship with new and old friends

At dawn on Sat. Oct 18, we will light the sacred fire that will burn throughout the Vigil.

Come anytime during this amazing weekend!

Families are welcome and there are activities
and blessings for children.

The website for the event says:

The Peace Village is designed in a circle to mirror the shape of our Earth.

A fire burns in the center of the circle like a fire burns in the center of the Earth. The circle and the fire symbolize life. They are sacred.

You enter the sacred Peace Village through the East Gate, place of the rising sun.

There are many activities going on in the Peace Village. There is an area for Silent Prayer for the Earth, a Children's Tipi, an Elder's Tipi, a chanting/singing tipi, a labyrinth, receive healing in Jyorei tipi, do prayers around the Hindu Yantra, a Tibetan stupa, Christian and African altars and a Jewish Sukkah. All of these can be visited. There is also a enriching program going on at the microphone.

Everyone you see has volunteered their time and talents.

Often there are children playing and adults talking quietly.

The entire community dances, chants or participates in story telling at periodic intervals.

Enjoy the wonderful evening programs under the stars with an opportunity to pray around the fire all night.
Everyone is invited to bring their musical instruments, songs, prayers, and chants on Sunday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM as we create the sound of people in Celebration and Prayer for Peace on Earth.

Click here to see our schedule of activities for 2008.

The Prayer Vigil for the Earth has met annually since 1993 arising from a vision on how to bring harmony to the peoples of the earth. Each year we meet to:

Seek Unity where there has been Division
Understanding instead of Conquering
Honoring where the need to Covet has prevailed
We come together to do this to seek out that commonality which links us to each other, the earth and to that expression of highest principle, which each tradition recognizes and yearns to share with each other.

From the Native Peoples – “We are all related”
From the Christian tradition – “Where two or more are gathered in God’s name”
From the Jewish and Islamic traditions – “There is only one God”
And from all other traditions not mentioned – “Unity and Understanding”
At the 2008 Prayer Vigil we are asking everyone to do the following:

To raise the level of tolerance to pioneer in a new consciousness.
To leave the dogma and proselytizing behind.
To allow yourself the opportunity to stretch to see other points of view.
To do more than share your faiths, traditions and customs – take it to the next level of honoring diversity.
To stretch beyond our own comfort zones to participate in the grand experiment to practice tolerance and peace.
To listen.
To be respectful and honor others without judgment.
To focus on our commonalities.
To focus on our relationship with the earth.
To let go of differences and separateness.
To BE in the place we are CHOSING to co-create.
To invite and encourage youth dialogues.
To participate in interfaith, multi-cultural dialogue.

My favorite part is: Often there are children playing and adults talking quietly. The entire community dances, chants or participates in story telling at periodic intervals. You know, we need lot more of that.

I'm taking a knitting class in the afternoon and then planning to head on over. Join me there, won't you?

/hat tip to my madcap friend, R.

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