Saturday, November 08, 2008

Vehicles For Magic

Someone misguided once described the human body as an ugly bag of mostly water. But, it isn't, you know. It's really an amazing and lovely incorporation of the principle of vulnerability. And, you can't spend much of your life practicing magic without coming to the realization that the human body is a rather well-suited vehicle for concentrating magic into a form in which it can, also, change this world.

de Chardin was, by the end of his life, madly in love with matter. Sometimes, I am drunk with the same wine.

Legs. They're so gentle and so spindly and so -- odd -- that you have to love the creatures attached to them. You have to love any creature so desperately devoted to movement that it would grow legs.

If you haven't seen Naked World, you owe it to yourself to rent it.

Spencer Tunick is the Andy Goldsworty of the human landscape.

Yet, he always shoots clothed.

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hisstoryman, Hunter of Da Snark said...

Saw a great documentary staring this guy. Very interesting.