Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The World Is Made Of Stories, Not Of Atoms

Last night in Manassas, Obama told a great story about an old woman in a ceremonial hat doing a chant that worked magic I love stories and I believe Muriel Rukeyser they're what make our world.

There's a story that goes with this picture, too. My friend TJ sent it to me. She and her friend Holly were at an Obama rally in Raleigh and a woman in the crowd got sick. The picture shows Obama tossing his bottle of water to the woman's friends so that they could splash a bit on her face and give her a drink. He's like a long, cool drink of water on a hot day.

America's been thirsty for eight long years.


ina drawin' said...

that made me cry.

i was talkin' to a woman at the bus stop yesterday, and she couldn't quite articulate what it was that she liked about obama. she was struggling to justify her sense that he is a decent man. this small story tells a big truth.

gandhi said...

Good post. You made me click via an Atrios comment and then google "Muriel Rukeyser".

I just hope Obama has the courage to bitch-smack all the Big Money frauds who helped him into office. We shall see.

Anne Johnson said...

I put my name back on the substitute teaching list at the Vo-Tech. I wish I could be there tomorrow if Obama wins. In a school where 92 percent of the students are colored, this man is more than a candidate for president. He is a reason for them to work hard and hope for their own futures.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

The world is made of stories and atoms.
Stories which are atoms.
Atoms which are stories.
At the same time.

Love and Hope for America,
Terri in Joburg

Anonymous said...

All the physics greats - Bohr, Bohm, Heisenberg, Einstein, Schroedinger, Feynman - as well as their Buddhist counterparts (read: Einstein and Buddha, The Parallel Sayings, Nisker 2002) concur with Rukeyser.

Another great read: Scientific American (Nov 2008) "The Long Arm of the Second Law" (re: Thermodynamics) by J. Miguel Rubi has some revolutionary thoughts and findings, debunking conventional wisdom and providing contextual factors for proper application of known laws of systems (in effect, changing the "story line" of thermodynamics as we know it).

Not only do the greats suggest that atoms are embedded in stories, but that the stories are often and ultimately limited by our senses and established conceptual frameworks.

In short there's always more and the 'more' is humbling in that it is indescribable. (Perhaps the latter part is a little bit ahead of things).

The most salient feature of Now is to behold:
Stories evolve.


Sia said...

Welcome to the rising.....

Thank you for helping to make the last few years bearable.

Goddess Bless America


patricia boutilier said...

the world is indeed made of stories....

in anticipation and hope...I offer a new story.....

The First Lady Fist-Bumps

Mrs. Obama's hands
are not Aunt Jemima's,
content to stir the batter,
make pancakes for the master.

Hers lie closer to the bone
of Sister Soujourner Truth,
who asked in defiance,
"Ain't I a woman, too?".

Before the inauguration
she fist-bumps her husband.
as he raises his hand
to take the oath of office,

We uncross our fingers
raise our hands to the sky
and America begins
to tell another story.

greer said...

@ patricia - Good Goddess thank you for that!