Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Common Ground


There are really (at least) two kinds of grounding. There's the grounding that you do every day as a part of your spiritual practice. This is to prepare you for the rest of your spiritual practice, to bring you into touch with Earth, one of the Five Sacred Things, to help you to face your day.

And then there's the grounding that, if your days are like mine, you do a number of times throughout the day in order to help you to cope. Walk out to the car across frosty grass, down a bit of a slope. Worry about slipping on frosty leaves in work shoes. Ground, Drive to work over big bridge, in rush-hour traffic. Ground. Walk into office and confront blinking voice mail light. Ground. Prioritize. Ground. Meet colleagues for lunch at Italian place. Ground. Get call from opposing counsel. Ground. Head home at twilight. Ground. Read tarot for a bunch of strange people. Ground.

Well, you get the idea.

Picture found here.

I have yet to meet the situation which could not be improved by grounding. YMMV

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