Thursday, January 15, 2009

What A Year! Can You Say As Much?

And my most precious accomplishment this year has been the infusion of pollinators and wildlife — honeybees, bumble bees, dragonflies (a symbol of Freyja) and (gasp) hummingbirds.

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Ruth said...

Hummingbirds like bright colored flowers, and I see them around my crepe myrtles. Lovely.

LittleIsis said...

I had an awful year. The only good time was around Beltane, and maybe the beginning of the year.
I am personally very glad about 2008 being over.
Haven't been to your blog in a while Hecate, and I saw someone comment that you're a Taurus...
Is this true???
I am a Taurus myself, btw, with a Moon in Leo!

Anonymous said...

And your compost bin as received the end results if some of our magical workings so it can transmute the energy. Hoefully the yarn is but a bunch of components right now.