Friday, January 16, 2009

What's Wrong With Wicca

Dianne is asking some v good questions. One of the more difficult things to do in Wicca is to grow to a certain point and then to stand upon the mesa and ask, "What now? Now who's going to help me to grow spiritually?" And, to realize, well, no one. It's mostly just you and the Goddess and Air. And Fire. And Water. And Earth. And the Fifth Sacred Thing. And to smile, raise your face to the Moon, breathe, and . . . Dance the next step.

Everyone has gone here before you, but the footprints that they left are deliberately vague. Clad your own dear feet in thousand-league-boots, or only a bracelet of silver around your ankle, or in ballet flats, or in Manolos, or in Renaissance moccasins, or, hell, just go barefoot. But whatever you wear, slip your feet into the almost-invisible footprints left by your older sisters and your mothers and your great-aunts and dance that dance with your own shimmy of the hips.

I feel it, too, the longing for someone lots farther ahead on the path than I am who can at least lay down breadcrumbs. But, too, I love the fact that this religion, more than any other, invites me to dance off into the thorns and weeds and figure out my own path to my better self.

It's all real. It's all metaphor. There's always more.

Let's dance off into the weeds, shall we?

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Shehuntstoo said...

yes lets. This is one of those questions we all come to at some point on our path. I love the way you've answered it.

Be blessed and stay warm tonight!

Celestite said...

This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

Pax said...

... and uncles, and elder brothers, and fathers!! We may not be as visible but there are a few of us guys around the Witchy woods too, darn it!


DarklyFey said...

I think this struggle with the divine is a sign of something. Something powerful is going to come out of this struggle...I just know it. I've been where Dianne is for quite some time now, and I just keep on slogging through it. I think that's the trick. Keep going. Keep asking. Keep living it until you break on through to the other side.