Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Here's a v young Barack Obama extolling the virtues of Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop. He's a fan of johnny cakes and peach cobbler. Nothing wrong with that. And, BTW, it's National Pancake Week. G/Son is a huge fan of pancakes, esp. w strawberries. This coming weekend, I'm going to take him and his 'rents out for brunch and I know that he'll order pancakes. Ever see a three-year-old put away an adult order of pancakes? The good thing is that the carbs send him straight into Nap Heaven.


Caepan said...

Darn! If I had only known it was National Pancake Week, I would have begged the missus to make her homemade Banana Pancakes with walnut and maple topping. Now? Well, I just don't feel so festive.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the pancake alert. I made them with whole wheat flour back in the day, it adds a lot of taste.