Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Michelle Obama has been making news championing cooking with local and sustainable ingredients. . . . She put in a pitch for the superior flavor of local and sustainable food and for healthy eating, a recurring theme for her during the campaign and since she has come to Washington.

Sam Kass, the chef who cooked local, sustainable and healthy food for the family in Chicago is now an assistant chef in the White House kitchen. And both the executive chef Cristeta Comerford and the pastry chef Bill Yosses, well known to many New Yorkers who enjoyed his work at Bouley, made it clear they, too, cared about sourcing ingredients locally and regionally.

Mrs. Obama had high praise for the chef’s healthy creations, remarking on the creamless “creamed” spinach on the menu that evening, and she spoke glowingly of several “creamed” soups Chef Comerford had made that were also without cream.

So, in addition to Nora, which basically introduced local, organic cooking to the city, there are several DC restaurants that they're sure to enjoy (they've already been to Equinox):

The following ten eateries - listed alphabetically - were chosen based on their stated commitment to sourcing organic, local and sustainable fare - not to mention that they're all cooking up delicious food. So enjoy, and when you head in for lunch or dinner, be sure to mention that you appreciate their efforts to source your food responsibly - the more they know you're paying attention, the nearer we approach attention to sustainabilty becoming an integral facet of our local dining culture.

1. Equinox

2. Charlie Palmer Steak

3. Founding Farmers

4. Harry's Tap Room - Arlington and Pentagon City, VA

5. Hook

6. Kemble Park Tavern

7. Mio

8. Poste Modern Brasserie

9. Sonoma

10. Volt - Frederick, MD

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Ali said...

she lost me at creamless.

greer said...

Dear Goddess if I had enough money I'd eat at Harry's at least twice a week.