Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Saw Her Here First, But It Won't Be The Last Time

The amazing Hallie. When she's a big star, just remember that you saw her here, first.

Amazing voice, amazing stage presence, amazing ability to own the stage.


Anonymous said...

hey! i know that girl!
/stoat, proud dad

A Tabla Rasa said...

Very nice indeed!

Jonathan Versen said...

Hi Hecate,
FYI, in case you'd like to post youtube vids so that they format without overlapping into your rt. side column, just look at the html code, and you'll see width="425" height="344".

You should see this in 2 places, and you need to reduce the width and ht to 400 width or less, while keeping the proportions the same.

(For example, 383x310 reduces the image down to 90 percent of the standard 425x344, so if 425x344 is the smallest that youtube will give you, just copy it like that, and AFTER you paste it in blogger just change the numbers

(90% is actually 382.5x309.6, but if you use 383x310 it'll look OK. The smaller you get it the greater the resolution appears to be, FWIW.)

Anyway-- I realize you didn't ask, but I hope the advice is not unwelcome. Have a nice day.