Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Daily Practice

There are several ways that I could drive to work, but I use one that, while a bit longer than the others, takes me through the woods along Spout Run, past the rocky cliffs, and over the beautiful Potomac River.

Tonight, the river and the misty rain were having sex. You couldn't tell where one began and the other ended and they were both only partially disrobed, surrounded by leaves of the brightest Spring green and the white bridal blossoms of the Bradford Pear trees. My spirit wants to swim in that pearl-grey rain, floating just above the river and penetrating it so gently that it's all at once imperceptible and maddenly delicious.

A daily practice can involve many components. For me, one big one is to pay daily attention to the Potomac River, the lifeblood of our nation's capital, the source of the water I drink, the baths I take, the water I pour on my flowers and herbs.

Ground and pay daily attention to something "outside" of yourself (Rumi would laugh at that use of the word). That's an excellent beginning of a daily practice.

Photo found here.


clymela said...

I missed this yesterday. How could I have missed this? Beautiful image and beautiful words. Thank you so much for this-the image and advice will stay with me.

Anne Johnson said...

The Potomac River flows right through my heart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Hecate. I live in mid-northern NJ, and something rather like this happened Friday afternoon. Heavy morning rain gave way to wind, breaking cloud, and shafts of mild sun, and the just-wakened earth and slopes and trees breathed clouds of mist back up to the atmosphere that had just given it up. Reciprocity!

Li'l Innocent