Thursday, April 30, 2009

Door To Rivendell


Mama Kelly said...

Now this is something we'd have up on our lovely old trees if not for my father.

I love watching all the lovely things you're doing with your property

Joyous Beltane!

Nancy Willing said...

That is adorable!

In the summer between first and second grades, a new friend moved in across the street having come from Ireland (dad had a stint there with duPont).

Her house was filled with exotics and antiques, unlike anything I'd ever seen. Her mom claimed to be a witch. Christy's room had sheepskin throws and a big bearskin (with the stuffed head attached). She wore thick woolen sweaters and Irish maryjanes and her head was still full of the tales she had heard from her Irish nanny about the little people.

Anyway, we had such a tree with such a doorway (not such a fine door as Hecate's) for our own little man who communicated with us through his animal companions.