Monday, April 27, 2009

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, If It's The Last Thing We Ever Do

The people at Pew (heh! I said "pew" and they study religion!) have been doing lots of interesting research, lately. The WaPo reports that Pew has been studying how often and why people leave their religions This will likely only be true for another generation, or so, but most of today's Pagans come from other religions. In my circle, there are a few "failed Catholics," a few women raised in fundie homes who walked away and never looked back, and a formerly very secular Jew. Your average Pagan gathering. I suppose we fall within the ten percent who found a religion that we liked more.

And, hey, WaPo! It's two thousand and fucking nine. Link to the damn study that you're discussing. You troglodytes.

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Makarios said...

". . . .most of today's Pagans come from other religions." And that is why Christian efforts to "convert" or "save" Pagans are doomed to failure. Most Pagans (of the current generation) have already tried the product and found that they didn't like the flavour.

Rhode Island Rules said...

Mmmm...I'm not a failed Catholic. It never took with me, even at a young age. I was baptized of course as an infant, first communion was rote and confirmation was against my will, but under my parents domination. Married in a Catholic Church due to parental pressure on both sides, even though my (now ex) husband was a non-believer. I call myself a collapsed Catholic.