Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost Lughnasadh, But I Still Have The Asiatic Lilies And The Pineapple Sage Yet To Bloom

I bought 99 of these Adios Nonino lilies mostly on a whim and because they were on sale. Landscape Guy, in his infinite wisdom, convinced me to spread them all around the yard, even tucking them into odd corners, instead of making a big spread. They've had big, fat buds for over a month and just this morning I was imagining, sadly, that they probably wouldn't bloom this year due to just having been planted in June. When I came home from work today, the first two had bloomed. Now, I wish that I'd gotten another couple of hundred.

The pineapple sage will bloom sometime in September and, then, it's falling leaves, all the way down.

Photos by the author. Please link back if you copy.


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PeasantParty said...

Beautiful! Do they have a scent?

Ruth said...

Vewry lovely, and I buy asiatic a.k.a. Sumatran lillies whenever they're marked down at my local grocer's.