Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reading About Gardening

As we head willy-nilly into Lughnasadh and the decline of the year, I am still quite busy in the garden. And if I can't be gardening, then I like to read about gardening. Here are a few good links:

A cottage. Herbs. Perfection.

Organic. In DC. With recipes and pictures.

OK, the gardening connection is not too strong; but they cook based on what they get from their CSA, they provide pictures, and they live near my office. (Hat tip to my v creative friend, K).

DC Urban Gardeners. Nuff said.

Garden Rant. City gardening at its best.

And, speaking of Parties That I Should Have Been Invited To, But Wasn't.

Picture found here.


Witch of Herbcroft said...

As a DC native it is nice to see a focus on urban agriculture. I have since been transplanted to Richmond and we have some catching up to do, but we do have a urban agriculture symposium scheduled this August, and I just helped to create the first community garden on city property. Have you seen the plans for the urban farm in Detroit?

So very inspiring! Have a happy Lughnasadh.

Anonymous said...

I'm bookmoarking these, thanks and thanks for the hat tip.