Monday, July 27, 2009

Feminist Poetry Is A Dangerously Political Act

My brilliant friend, -- at least, I can make bold to call her my friend -- echidne of the snakes, has published a lovely interview with one of my favorite poets, Katha Pollitt. You should go read it.

I'm going to guest blog a bit, along with many other far-more-worthies, for the goddess of herpetology while she travels above the Arctic Circle. Check out my offerings over the next week or so at Echidne.

Picture found here.

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Blue Moon said...

I'm sorry for jumping so far from the gid with this, but you often have an intelligent take on things, and with your legal backgound - I was curious as to what you think of this.. A friend who works in state government on the west coast told me about rape evidence kits that are being destroyed in Los Angelus because they have "expired" their shelf life. If you go to my blog "Hen House Chronicles" the link to the article is posted there. I work in state governement too, and understand how much is dependant on 'human error', but, I am having ALOT of trouble wrapping my head around this. Have your ever heard of such a thing? Is the prosecutor's office aware do you think ?