Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My New Name For A Blog

What Ruth Said. Go read the whole thing. Then, check Ruth out daily, as she always posts insightful, well-reasoned, important stuff.

One out of every 10 homeless vets under the age of 45 is now a woman, the statistics show.

And unlike their male counterparts, many have the added burden of being single parents. ...

Overall, female veterans are now between two and four times more likely to end up homeless than their civilian counterparts, according to the VA, most as a result of the same factors that contribute to homelessness among male veterans: mental trauma related to their military service and difficulty transitioning into the civilian economy.

But while veterans’ services have been successfully reaching out to male veterans through shelters and intervention programs, women are more likely to fall through the cracks.

Fucking war. Fucking sexist society.

Poster found here.

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