Monday, July 06, 2009

Respectable Pagan Blogistan Does Not Approve This Message

So Robert McNamara's dead at ninety fucking three, while some of the best of my generation died at his behest at 19, 20, 21. Others were shuffled off to Canada as "criminals." Others took drugs to escape. Others spent years underground.

You know, fuck Robert McNamara.

My wish for him is that he get exactly what he's got coming to him, karmawise.

Fuck you , Robert McNamara. Don't let me find out where you're buried. I have a few things left to express physically.


Makarios said...

And let's not forget the harm and damage that he did during his 13-year tenure as head of the World Bank.

Anne Johnson said...

They'll probably keep his burial a secret just so people can't express themselves physically there.

Now he has to face Miss Rose, tough East Baltimore lady whose son got killed in 'Nam. She will knock him down, kick him for falling, and turn him over to the hounds of hell.

Anonymous said...

So, you also file him in the "wouldn't piss down your throat if your heart was afire" folder? Yeah...until I discover a worse folder in the scrap heap of my brain...