Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch -- Clinton Version

Even Obama's Secretary of State is making restaurant news:

The restaurant Bukhara here is widely regarded as the finest in India, if not one of the best in Asia. The atmospheric and casual spot in the ITC Maurya hotel is known for its mouth-watering kabobs, perrfectly cooked over spits in view of the patrons.

It also happens to be a Clinton hangout. After then-President Clinton ate at Bukhara in 2000, the restaurant created a special Bill Clinton "presidential" platter in honor of his visit.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is also a Bukhara fan, and she made sure to have dinner there Sunday night with seven of her staff members. The chef prepared a special selection of eight dishes, plus naan bread and a desert of kulfi, a tasty Indian ice cream.

Sure enough, the restaurant announced that the meal prepared for the Secretary would henceforth be on the menu as the "Hillary platter."

Reports say that:

Hillary has been staying at the Taj Palace but she walked in next door at the ITC Maurya Sheraton to eat at Bukhara, her “favourite Indian restaurant in the world”. Getting there around 8.30 pm, she ordered most of the signature dishes — dal bukhara, murg malai, seekh kabab, paneer tikka, raita, naan and some others — and had kulfi for dessert. She, however, didn’t order from the “Clinton Platter” or the “Chelsea Platter”, named after the former first family of the US.

Picture found here. What is it about India that liberates American women and allows them to wear COLOR? Well, as Vreeland noted, pink is the navy blue of India.


Thomas said...

There are three really killer Indian places in my neighborhood but I never eat at them because they are also the three most expensive.

I don't even want to know what it costs to eat at this place.

I miss London.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is well known for her love of color (and pant suits):