Friday, July 24, 2009

What IS The Plural Of Caladium?

If I lived farther South, I'd love to grow masses of caladium (Caladia?). As it is, I have one in a pot that I keep on the screen porch during the Summer and, then, barely-kinda-sorta manage to keep alive, inside, during the winter. Thirsty little bugger.

They're too expensive for me to grow them as annuals, which is what they are here in Zone 7. They do make wonderful container garden displays, though, if you can afford them, and, if I had a Victorian or a Gothic garden, I would find a way to afford them.


PeasantParty said...

Caladiums or Caladiumses?

I love them too!

nanoboy said...

It's Latin. Definitely Caladia. See