Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

The Obamas are going to Martha's Vineyard, Chelsea Clinton either is or is not getting married there, (since her 'rents are in Bermuda this weekend, I'm guessing not, but it could be double double secret psyche); it's going to be an interesting week on the Island.

Local businesses and restaurants are quick to get in on the excitement surrounding the presidential visit. "Our local microbrewery will be tapping this weekend 'Ale to the Chief,'" said Gardella.

"We have an 'Obamarita' that has been launched at our local Mexican restaurant, and the 'Beefy Bobama biscuit' was launched at the Farmer's Market this weekend in celebration of Bo Obama coming to the island."

Sadly, the Obamas are renting a Republican estate. More and more frequently, I am forced to conclude: this dude just doesn't get it.

Picture found here.


Chris Tucker said...

RE: Rented estate.

Perhaps it's a more a matter of what the Secret Service approves of as regards security.

kent said...

Sadly, the Obamas are renting a Republican estate.

Are there any other kinds?

What CT said