Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Devil Is In The World -- Weird

I have to say, it can't be much fun, always having to be so paranoid and upset.


Terraluna said...

But those who have 2 home theaters and 3 tivo's at the expense of their gullible flocks have good reason to be afraid. Their sheeps' minds might be inspired to reach out and touch the energy and wonder that flows everywhere, and there go the tithes!

Lynn said...

We shouldn't be consumerists which is why I have three TiVOs and use my tithed monies so fucking well to be generous with (well with the stores).

Most demonic Satanic movie Ev-ah? Really? Seriously? Oh and that whole divine spark in everyone is in your goat herder book btw. What you do to these you do me is what Jesus says...and don't they all say they have Jesus in their hearts? I hope they see that as a divine spark instead of a crumpled up zombie that was pushed through the dryer shrinkage cycle and shoved in through psychic surgery er something

Lindsey said...

Demonic? Satanic? *suppressing hysterical giggles* In the words of my dear friend, Avatar is more like "Ferngully meets Dances with Wolves", and if you're going to take the time to criticize it, look at the cultural issues surrounding it (you know, the whole "white man saves the natives" cliche). Then again, bible thumpers aren't exactly renowned for their contributions to the field of cultural criticism.

That being said, I loved the movie. Bring on the damnation. ;)

Morgaine said...

Paganism = what? Dude, take a class on something other than communications so that you can intelligently speak to the subject you brought up, please.

Ahem! Perhaps, if this man had more carefully perused that hallowed tome he is attempting to interpret, it would reveal to him the Nature (is that a bad word now?) of our relationship with Nature. (darnit! did it again) **LMAO**

Marya said...

He does demonstrate what terminal disconnect does to you, doesn't he? So querelous and fearful and giving all the power to some force he calls Satan.

Oh let me go hug my pin oak and play with a demonic cat or two!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if I wave my arms around and spout gobbledygook (no wait, can't dis Stanley Unwin) with a cool headset on and a trendy wrinkled shirt, and insert demon every few sentences whether it actually tracks or not, maybe I could overcome all my problems too and afford ONE fucking tivo. Oh wait, I can't even afford a TV. And it's all because I'm a witch.

Huh. Better get right on that.