Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Easy; Anyone Can Do It

NTodd describes the completely unscary, not-intimidating, and v American act of having a meeting with his representative's staff. More of us should do this. I'm going to commit to do it twice this year, on issues that really matter to me: the environment and women's rights.

Will you commit as well? It's easy. They come to your area and you can schedule 15 minutes with them. You can precede yourself with an email discussing the points you want to make. You show up at the local office with some cookies or muffins or photos of your area for the rep's walls, you make some small talk, and then you tell them what you want your rep to do and what you'll do to back your rep if they do the right thing. You say, "Thanks," and you follow up the next day with a nice email. You can do this, and you should.

A lot of 18 year olds died so that you could. So you can do it for them, if for no other reason. Email me when you do it and I'll go put a flower on a grave at Arlington for you.

Picture found here.

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