Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye And Thanks For All The Fish.

OK, February 2010, it's been nice, well, no, it really hasn't been, knowing you. See 'ya around. Or not. Here, let me help you find your things. Want me to help you into your coat? Here you go, don't forget your purse. Wouldn't want you to have to come back for anything, would we? OK, bye! Here, I'll open the door. Yeah, yeah, we should get together again, or not. OK, definitely not. Bye. So long! AdiĆ³s! Khau bulyghyz! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Gee, look at the time! My goodness, tomorrow's going to come really early. OK, bye, now! I'll never forget you. Really. Have a nice trip. Or, not. Actually, just go and if you manage to fall off a steep ledge, that's fine with me. Git. Scram. Off'a my property. Disappear. Vamoose. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Good bye you sorry excuse for a month. I'm GLAD you're only 28 days long. There's a reason they gave you fewer days than all the other months. You, February 2010, were the Worst. Month. Ever. And, now, ha! your time is up. Over. Done. Bye!

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Lavanah said...

Standing in the full moon tonight, in snow that was somewhere between knee and hip height on me was an amazing experience. But as wonderful as it was, it was difficult to get up the stairs into the house afterwards, my legs were very nearly numb. I look forward to dancing under the summer moon with the fireflies. I am very glad that February is a short month.