Friday, March 05, 2010

How I Live Right Now

Wake up in the morning. Ground. Make coffee. Ground. Pray to Goddess doing ablutions, ground. Walk on treadmill. Ground. Drink more coffee. Feed birds. Ground. Drive to work. Connect with Spout Run. Connect with Potomac River. Ground. Connect with weeds alongside ramp to Roosevelt Bridge. Ground. Talk to homeless vet and give him roast potatoes, knitted hat, or money. Ground. Go through email. Ground.

Who hit me over the head with the lucky stick and made me so lucky? Because every day when I wake up I realize, "I love my life."

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Sadist's magick said...

Am intrigued by your comment of grounding to the river. I walk alongside the River Thames on my way to work each day and began greeting and talking to the river. Last week as I greeted the river - it felt as if the river rose up in me - a nanosecond - and had to think twice about whether I actually experienced it. How wonderful it was. Thank you for sharing.

Hecate said...


Wow, thank you for sharing that experience. The Thames, I am sure, recognizes you, by now, and wanted to greet you, too.

Teacats said...

I will have to practise that saying "I love my life" -- a bit difficult at the moment .... and I feel dis-connected. Waiting for a decent spring day to get in the garden and dig out my problems, battle weedy issues.

Many years ago I lived in an old village not from Windsor -- and the Thames did have a "living" presence. Fascinating comment!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage