Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Thank You, Washington, DC

Someone that I love recently noted that DC has now, under the Obama administration, which won't even bother to put a "No taxation w/o representation" plate on its cars, been able to do some of the things that it wants to do. One of those things has been to, in the face of large objections from the patriarchs at Catholic Charities, allow people who are in love to get married. That's a v good thing. It's v good.

I live on the Potomac watershed, in the larger-than-life shadow cast by Columbia, atop the Capitol Buiding. I am quite glad that DC is now, also, a place where people who love each other can get married, even if the patriarchy has shit fits.


donna said...

Oh, especially if the patriarchy has shit fits! ;^)

Teacats said...

This is the 21st century -- OF COURSE people who love each other should be able to be married! (or carried, ferried, buried, dance in circles and bay at the moon, work magic and simply Be.)


Sigh. idiot patriarchy.

Again -- don't these folks who wail and gnash their teeth have anything better to do? Charity work, perhaps?

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Hecate said...


I get the feeling that they didn't read the part of their book that says "Faith, hope, and charity, and, of these three, the greatest is charity."