Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She's A Witch! Burn Her!

Here's an interesting tidbit of an article that ties the increase in witch trials to bad weather in Europe. I wasn't aware of the research discussed (but sadly not linked) in the article. But, it makes sense. As the Little Ice Age impacted crops and livelihoods, the search for scapegoats focused on women -- esp. women with property to seize or women who were vulnerable.

I have to say that I often shake my head at many "modern" -- by which I mean, not from the 1970s and 1980s -- Pagans who are quite quick to run away from various feminist discussions of the persecution of witches in other centuries. That someone may have made a calculation error in the exact number of women killed and tortured as witches hardly seems to me to undo the importance of the fact that it was most often women being burned as witches, and that those burned were often women who were (take your pick) single, vulnerable, uppity, had something worth stealing, etc.

As we head into really bad weather over the coming decades, we Pagans might want to keep the above article in mind. I'm all for being as out as possible, forcing governments to recognize us, etc. But as monotheists demonstrate every time some terrorist attack occurs or some bad weather hits, we're the ones most likely to get blamed.

Do you have a hidey hole? A stash of cash for running? A plan?

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Teacats said...

As two Canucks -- now U.S. citizens living in Texas -- I will admit to keeping my mouth shut on certain subjects and at certain times. I have seen the conservative who now "foam at the mouth" when speaking of ANY other group, race, economy or lifestyle. And yes -- as economic conditions swing wildly -- and we are impacted -- there will be more instances of Pagan women - and men - whose businesses will "disappear" and their lives and families are "targeted" by hate groups. A plan? Where could we run? Why should we run? Perhaps we could use a General Council for Pagan/Heathen Beliefs?? A group that would/could/might be able to speak up for us? After all -- a Grand Coven Gathering may be necessary in the future ... How about Dec. 21, 2012?

Tough question. But must be addressed.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage