Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Garden Blogging

Iris Chrysographes. One of the prides of my garden.


chicago dyke said...

very niz. my neighbor has some blood red ones open right now, i'm very jealous.

do you have any yellow or "white" hostas? i bet you'd enjoy them somewhere in there, esp in contrast with that fab black/purple. sigh, my irises are almost done, i got a whole two weeks out them. the rains have finally come, so all the early stuff is going to drop as a result. i don't like dry springs, but it does extend the bloom, you know?

Anonymous said...

blood red irises? Oooh!

My landlord's light purple ones are blooming, but the black ones aren't yet. I need more irises.

Buckeye ...

Hecate said...


I have some hostas that have white flowers that bloom in late summer. Also have some white iris that should boom soon. Then the black and white daylilies should start.

Miss D said...

It's absolutely beautiful!