Monday, August 09, 2010

Guilty As Charged?

Back when I was a "guitar Mass" Catholic, we used to ask each other, "If they tried you for being a follower of Jesus, would they have enough evidence to convict you?" (Yeah, xians love to feel persecuted; they do. I was maybe six when I first longed to be burned as a martyr or to have stigmata. Note to St. Germain, I take back everything I said to you at my confirmation. I actually have ZERO desire to die coughing blood and hiding it from Mother Superior in my handkerchief, no matter how romantic I may have believed that to be at age 12. Really.)

But I want to turn that around. If you were charged with being a member of a nature religion, what did you do today that would be evidence of that? If not on the Dark Moon, then when? Eight times a year / = enough.

What about the child closest to you? Does s/he know that you worship nature?

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Anonymous said...

Probably, but it wouldn't be actual evidence.

I laugh at this idea of a fair trial in religious persecution!