Monday, August 09, 2010

People Keep Doing It. I'm Going To Keep Complaining.

A Stonehenge-like tourist attraction in Texas is being moved. Not everyone is happy.

Not everyone is of a mind to save it. When the Ingram City Council first discussed donating money from its hotel tax to the effort — it's still pondering the donation — a guy stood up at the meeting "and said that it was wrong for the city to donate money to the site of pagan rituals," said Wanda Cash, president of the arts foundation board and a professor at the University of Texas.

The specter of human sacrifice was raised. Ingram Mayor James Salter told the fellow that no sacrifices had been performed in Hunt, "and he didn't think the arts foundations would allow any, either," Cash said.

The purpose of the real Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, is still a mystery, although the arrangement of its stones seems to form a solar calendar. Any pagan connection, the arts foundation is quick to point out, is purely conjecture.

Well, to be fair, given the dating, I doubt the xians built Stonehenge, just to give the devil, aka "a guy," his due.

And Pagan should be capitalized, just like the names of other pre-xian religions.

Apparently, the Easter Island heads were carved by good xians who followed the biblical injunction to subdue the Earth, even to the last tree on the island, so no concerns about those.

Picture found here.

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sott'Eos said...

OMg! You didn't capitalize "Xians"! :-)

Sorry, while specific religions and terms like Wicca and Druid need to be capitalized, I'm still not sold on capitalizing pagan (a *very* broad category) any more than you would capitalize monotheist or polytheist.