Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whoa; I'm Glad to Be Busy, But, Still . . . .

Work is kicking my ass. Please check out some of the fine blogs in my blog list.

Witchcraft is a way of life for individuals, not the masses, and there's no point in you coming toward the Craft if you are a wimp, a follower, a coward, or a fool, as sorcery is both a practice and a priesthood, and it is not a garment that can be discarded when the going gets tough.

LY DE ANGELES, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice

Is your athame sharp?

What an amazingly cool bit of magic. I may start participating myself. What a magical Full Moon project for a coven.

How are you preparing for the coming cold months?

Was your relationship with the land an active one today?

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