Monday, August 16, 2010

Like This

Spent wonderful time Sunday evening with some of my magical women. Nothing else restores me like that.

Radio-Free Hekate
(written to be read aloud, as a prayer)

Not with your ears. They will lead you astray.
Listen with your feet.
Nestle them naked
down deep into the tangles of the roots and grass,
burrow your toes under the warm soil, investigate,
tune into the right station,
let the ground rise up into your arches, fill up your base
surround your heels with the movement.

Listen with your skin.

Pull the sound up through every muscle in your legs,
the earth is playing you like a harp, you are being strummed,
softly, strongly, an insistent tune,
a pinnacle point of pitch and vibration
as the space where all your strings come together

let this sound, this calling from the earth,
fill up the hollows of your sacrum,
course it's winding way up your backbone,
chime up each rib like a xylophone, catch
and keep the rhythm of your beating heart.

Tha-Bump. Tha-Bump.
Sound growing
and moving
and expanding
exploding into all its potential
as it blasts from your
fingers and mouth and eyes,
through your every cell

the incredible, undeniable,
untamable sound of living
that your ears, alone,
would never understand.

~Victoria Day 2002, reprinted in We'Moon 2010: Reinvent the Wheel We'Moon says that Victoria Day lives in Columbia, MO and is a "priestess, dancer, and activist who creates from her deep connection with the Divine and her belief that it is essentially important to work for peace."

We were planning to discuss a book we'd all read and our daily practice. We got caught up in the book and didn't get to daily practice . (And, come on, that's happened to you, too, right?) A large part of my daily practice is deep grounding. I love how this poem describes that process. How does it work for you?

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