Friday, August 20, 2010


The brilliant Medusa (aka Judith Laura), Goddess spirituality expert, Tarot Goddess, and, as I have reason to know, orderer of v. good pizza lunches, is releasing a third edition of:

She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother, which explores the return of the divine personified as female through myth-like stories, rituals for both personal and seasonal celebrations with songs and dances, and a variety of meditations. . . . [The book] describes how female divinity might return to people on diverse paths, and addresses a variety of issues in a number of different religions and in secular settings. Its seasonal rituals contain aspects of Pagan, Jewish, Christian and other traditions. What is commonly called belly dance, as well as other folk dance forms, are included the rituals and there is one individual meditation devoted to belly dance, which I call the "Dance of the Womb." The personal rituals for women and for men focus on sex-related life milestones.

The Women's Spirituality Book Review says of the book: "Judith's myths are gentle, but powerful. They make you smile.
They give you goose bumps."

Judith Laura donates
at least a third of her royalties from all her books to charities benefiting women

I plan to add the Third Edition to my library. As we move towards gift-giving season in Yule, you should consider not just your own library, but those of your friends, as well. As Medusa Coils says on her website, linked above,
[f]or more complete information about She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother, including reviews, table of contents with links to excerpts, and also links to booksellers, please visit

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