Monday, August 16, 2010

Somewhere in America, maybe even in your town, there is Earth that I consider even-more-sacred-than-normal-sacred-ground. It is where women go to make sacred and important decisions about their own lives. It is sacred ground where women go to sacrifice flesh and potentiality to their own, sacred determinations about how they will lives the lives that the Goddess has given them. Where they go to sacrifice the product of sex, love, and the Great Rite when even life's longing after itself has gone awry. To me, that is Sacred.

It is a sacred place where the women should be cared for, nurtured, renewed, blessed for their bravery, given a chance to start over again.

And, yet, yet, yet, the First Amendment to our Constitution allows a group of wild-eyed religious fanatics, fanatics bent upon the destruction and domination of women, to show up and perpetrate their fanatically evil notions about women. To show up, scream at the women, and wave around signs showing bloody fetuses.

Yes, I'm talking about how the First Amendment allows whack-job xians to demonstrate outside abortion clinics, making the women who come there to make sacrifices feel horrible.

And, you know, if the First Amendment allows that, I guess the xians can get over a community center blocks from where the World Trade Towers (a cathedral to modern greed) went down.

Or, we can start banning any religious expression that "upsets" someone else, in which case, I can get upset all over the goddamn place. Seriously. I hope you don't worship at St. Bridget's. Or want to build a Catholic church near an elementary school, full of sacred children who could be abused by the Catholic priests. I hope that you don't want to build an evangelical church within miles of an abused women's shelter or a library where people go to enjoy the free expression of ideas.

Cuz, if so, you're fucked.

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Teacats said...

I would be far more impressed by any sentiments IF more of those screaming them would go out and adopt one or several of the thousands of children (of all races, creeds and medical conditions) languishing in the system .... if they would be seen opening real free medical/dental care clinics for the poor .... if they would have free daycare centers for those children ....if they opened "daycare" centers for children with developmental challenges ... if they fought for decent bus stops and transit for poor areas .... if they fought for decent food stores and markets in poor areas ....if they fought for jobs for those women ...

Some do these one or some of these things .... but most do not ....

sheesh .....

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Lavanah said...

Oh Goddess, I love you, Hecate!

Makarios said...

You clearly don't understand the wowzers' view of rights and freedoms: We have the right to freedom of expression and to free exercise of our religion (which includes trying to prevent you from exercising freedom of expression and from freely exercising your religion). On the other hand, if you try to exercise freedom of expression or to exercise your religion in ways that we don't like, then you're interfering with our freedoms. Remember, the U.S. is a Christian nation, and everyone else is here on suffrance. It says so right in the Constitution somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, as I am sure you know, freedom is a messy thing. Sometimes when we get angry, it's easy to forget that the same freedom that allows some fanatic to protest innn front of an abortion clinic is the same freedom that allows us Pagans to not be descriminated against.

As to the fanatical protestors. They protest because that is easy.
Anyone can get up the guts to carry a sign and yell something. It takes real courage to adopt a child, to donate time and money to make a real difference. These protestors do the easy thing then go back home feeling righteous. In fact all they actually accomplished was their own ego aggrandizement.