Friday, August 11, 2006

Global Climate Change Is Killing Americans

The NYT has a sobering article about all the deaths in California that resulted from the recent heat wave.

Some particularly scary facts: Many who died were middle-aged, not old and infirm.

Many were used to California heat and had lived and worked there for years.

Officials are attributing some of the deaths to the fact that the planet is no longer cooling down at night, as it used to do. Thus, those whose bodies are stressed by heat during the day aren't getting a reprieve at night that allows them to recover.

Some of the dead are veterans, unable to afford air conditioning. Too bad all the money spent on yellow plastic Support-the-Troops "ribbons" for SUVs didn't go into a fund to actually, you know, support the troops when they come home.

Of course, we could just do like the wingnuts and celebrate global climate change. No, we can't.

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