Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I love Lewis Black. I do. I just love him.

Permit me to repeat my oft-repeated offer: Mr. Black, Oral sex. Bear your love child. Dress up as the french maid/the grecian slave girl/the haughty lawyer/the wicked witch (ok, some require less dress-up than the others). Your choice. Name the place. I don't make this offer for just everyone, you know.


Unknown said...

Hi, Lewis here....

Or not... < SIGH >

Anonymous said...

Right on Hecate!!! I caught his bit on TDS the other day and was laughing til my toenails hurt! It felt good to laugh that hard after 6 years of the nincompoop in chief, even though my standard angst has returned. Luckily, the tide is turning even though I doubt Diebold will admit to it.

Anonymous said...

Hecate, we can make it a two-fer if he contacts you.