Monday, August 20, 2007

Liturgy Circa 1976 (Mother! How Little Has Changed!)

Look, Goddess
can I call You God for short,
or is that too butch for You?

I don't know what to call You
let alone how to serve You --
I've lost touch with the ritual.

Goddess, Mother, Mistress of the world,
my faith is strong
but my theology is floundering.

I want to love you perfectly.
I want to wear my hair for You
like a Nazarene,

But I don't know how to dress or walk
or where to put my hands
or who to give my body to.

Should I love a woman?
Could I come close to You
by coming close to someone close to You?

Or should I love a man
to flatter You by imitation
of Your boundless Motherhood?

Or should I be chaste for You,
lest I throw myself at idols
because they make me come?

I mention this last
just to show the lengths I'd go
if I knew what lengths to go

to get to You.

by Janet R. Price

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