Saturday, August 25, 2007

People Who Throw Stones Shouldn't Live In Glass Houses

Karl Rove's got his pasty self all in a huff because Bill Moyers reported what everyone in Washington has always known: Rove, that master manipulator of the xian right, that gaybaiting son of a gay body-piercer, is an agnostic.

Here's the thing. I'd love to live in an America where one's religious beliefs, or lack thereof, were irrelevant to one's participation in politics. I remember a time when someone else's religion was a minor interesting thing about them: she keeps kosher so we need to pick a restaurant that will work for her, too, he sings in the Methodist choir and can't come on Wednesdays because that's when he has choir practice, they're Catholic and their kids go to St. Mary's Parochial School. Beyong that, no one cared.

You know who made religion one of the most important issues in politics? Karl Motherfucking Rove. It didn't have to be religion; Rove was looking for a guillable group of people to manipulate into voting for his candidate and America's fundie whackjobs were just sitting there in the middle of the road with a sign that said, "Use us" taped to their collective ass. Rove orchestrated the Catholic bishops humphing and pumphing and threatening to deny Communion to John Kerry. Rove's entire electoral strategy consisted of shifting the focus from who would be a more competent president to who was a "better" or "truer" xian. I didn't hear Rove issue a peep when whackjob xians showed up to protest a Hindu minister's invocation in Congress, upset that the Hindu wasn't praying to the "one true" god.

So, you know what Karl? Suck on it. I hope that the press spends quite a bit of time snooping into your lack of religious beliefs. I hope you spend a lot of time upset about it and defending yourself and pretending that you really, really, really, really do believe in Jebuz. I'd like to have you explain over and over why the pope is wrong when he says that anyone who isn't catholic isn't really right with god. I'd like to hear what you think of Mitt's Mormonism and why Mormonism isn't so bad but Hindus don't pray to the "one true" god. You reap every bit of that whirlwind, ok? Cuz it's yours, babe. You unleashed it and were glad to do so. Ass.

As per usual,What Athenae says.

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