Saturday, August 25, 2007

Operation Mosquito

You know, America was formed when some people, many of them with something significant to lose, decided that they'd rather lose their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor than go on living under a tyrant. I think we lose sight, sometimes, of what that means. At its inception, the American Revolution wasn't at all a sure thing. There was an awfully good chance that the Founders were going to wind up killed in the war or swinging on the end of King George's finest hemp rope. I dredge up this historical point to say that, while Goddess knows that I understand it, I get really upset by the comments on some blogs to the effect that America's done for, the fascists have taken over, there's nothing we can do, we puny little individuals arrayed against the might of the corporate state backed by the mainstream media. That's not the way that our Founders thought, thank the Goddess.

So what can you do? What can one person, with a job or who's unemployed, with a mortgage or a rent payment to make, with kids to feed, with student loans to pay, with no police force, no army, no engine to catapult the propaganda -- what can one person do? Because, believe me, sitting around and bitching on blogs, much as I enjoy that pursuit, ain't action.

NTodd has some very practical suggestions. He's launching Operation Mosquito and you can take action to save our Democracy without quitting your job or missing your mortgage payment or even your kid's soccer practice.

August 26th is a great day for revolution, it seems. What I'm planning to do is similar to Operation Nancygram but adjusted and in some ways expanded, to wit:

The usual variety of missives to Nancy Pelosi.

Also send letters to Harry Reid.

Occasional additional physical messages, such as peaches and books to both Leaders (My first one this week will be War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler, The Fighting Quaker, thanks to Polishifter).

E-mail "updates" to Nancy and Harry as well as my entire Congressional Delegation: Peter, Pat and Bernie.

Demands now include not only impeachment, but ending the war in Iraq, resisting war with Iran, restoring civil liberties (wrt to FISA, habeas, etc) and directing war monies to necessary services at home (e.g., universal healthcare, infrastructure maintenance).
DC mailing addresses for the Dem Leadership are in the [PaxAmericana] sidebar--you can find the contact information for your own Senators and Reps.

Will this end the war by Tuesday? Nah, of course not. Again, it's an escalation point. Next up for me and a lot of other people is Take A Stand Day on the 28th. Then it's the march in DC on September 15th. After that?

Click on over to Pax Americana for all the details. This matters and the only way for things to change, the only way, as Margaret Meade once noted, that things have ever changed, is for a committed group of ordinary human beings to make them change. That would be you and me.

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