Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Garden Blogging

August can be a cruel month in the garden; it's not as easy to have color and excitement as it is in, say, May and June. But there's still lots of interesting stuff happening. Here's a random blue flower that I can't name, some big fat Datura buds that I hope will pop open this week into big, white, lovely-smelling blossoms, that August stand-by Black-Eyed Susan (which has handled our drought with amazing aplomb), some grapes beginning to turn purple on the grape arbour (big attractant to birds and other wildlife), a blossom on the Butteryfly Bush, and another summer stalwart, Coleus, growing on top of the now-almost-done-for-the-year iris bushes.

Sigh. Blogger hates me and has screwed up the order of the photos, for reasons that the Bitch Goddess, Bloggista, keeps to herself. I bet you can figure it out, though.


report from the heartland said...

I spy...
You give good garden, H.
Go to The Clueless Gardener and see if she doesn't, too. (She's my sis.)
I may not have a bit of earth, but I read the blogs of those who do!

Reya Mellicker said...

Your garden is beautiful! You must be one of the loyal souls who has been watering for hours at a time, to keep the plants happy and plump.


Jupiter Five said...

Is it the ubiquiteous rarity that
breathes such fine light?