Friday, October 12, 2007

Congratlations To The Man America Elected President In 2000

Early this morning, Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize.

He certainly deserves it, as every environmental disaster prevented likely prevents another war, another group of refugees, another tragedy for countless species.

And I'm getting a lot of pleasure out of how pissed off that stinking non-entity in the WH is this morning. Hide, Barney! Hide!

No one would have blamed Al Gore if, after having the election stolen from him by SCOTUS, he'd gone off to his farm to drink himself into an angry oblivion. He didn't do that. As a grandmother, I'm v. grateful for what he's done with the last 7 years.


elizabeth said...

Saw the news on the Yahoo! headlines this morning and pointed it out gleefully to my spouse, who responded, "Yeah, and we've got Duhbya in the White House." Still, the honor is truly deserved. Congratulations Mr. Gore!

SV said...

You may already know this, but Monday is Blog Action Day:

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