Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hmmm. This City Appears Oddly Unchanged.

Richard II, Scene III
I count myself in nothing else so fortunate,
As in a soul remembering my good friends

For absolutely no reason at all, I have been blessed with wonderful friends and a wonderful, loving family.

I spent this weekend off in the fall-touched mountains of West Virginia, up in the highlands that I love, with my rock-steady Son, my brilliant and beautiful DiL (who is just an am-a-zing cook!), and my wonderful G/Son.

We had a lovely time, from the late Friday night dinner at the Wild Woman Cafe with the v. nice waitresses, to the early Saturday morning small-town parade at the Apple Butter Festival, to the late morning sampling of West Virginia (yes, West Virginia!) vineyards, to the late Saturday afternoon massages at Astasia, to the Ina Garten pumpkin soup that DiL made and the steaks and corn on the cob that Son grilled, to the late morning drive through Virginia horse country.

Meanwhile, my brilliant friend E, author of the best football blog you'll ever read, was taking care of my home, Miss Thing, and my blog. The brilliant women in my circle were having brunch in amazing hats. My wonderful paralegals were making it appear as if I'd never left town.

And, sad as I was to leave, it was good to come home.


Anonymous said...

Did you read news reports about a Bishop living in Gallop in the US, who told the police was visited by a number of uninvited guests about 3 to 5 feet tall, wearing masks?

They made themselves at home ignoring his requests they leave. Then disappeared when the police arrived. Only to reappear. One of them he said went up the chimney to hide.

He refered to them as gentle people not once but twice, in contrast I guess to the not so gentle ones who had beaten him up and locked him in his room a few months earlier.

Even if the visit was a delusion it is nice that he knew the proper name to use.

Anne Johnson said...

That was the most bizarre anonymous comment I've ever seen!

JEALOUS, JEALOUS JEALOUS! I've had a great weekend myself, but part of it was in (gag) NYC.

Pleeeeeeeeze come to Faerie Con!