Monday, October 08, 2007

My New Name For A Blog

What SarahSutterfield Winn Said:

But if anything, at this time in our spiritual history, it is the darkness that we ought to be cultivating in the gardens of our hours, making pockets of space and time in which the small things can creep back in, restore the old wells, rekindle wildernesses, spark the gift of storytelling, and make safe haven for secrets. If anything, we should be breathing darkness into our bodies and making places of rest in our bones.


Juan del Llano said...

What a fabulous quotation. Why don't you expand on that and let the folks know what darkness is all about?

clymela said...

Blessings on you. Home today feeling puney and just sat down here and looked up some sites that I have been missing and here I find these beautiful, wonderful words calling to me directing my attention so gently, so softly to where my heart wants to go.