Wednesday, October 10, 2007


OMFG, just go read this First Draft post. What a psychopath, to be handing out souvenir coins.


Anonymous said...

This is why Cretin-1 keeps insisting his papers can never been reviewed. Criminal acts, criminal consequences.

from Ruth

r@d@r said...

it's not the coin that gets me, it's the crocodile tears.

Walhydra said...

Dear One,

I have been convinced for years that Bush is clinically sociopathic.

I don't have the professional credentials to diagnose this.

However, I worked with diagnosed sociopaths for 12+ years as a clinical counselor in a medium/max men's prison. I read the diagnostic literature and the treatment literature.

When you have someone who blithely lies and manipulates facts and people, and whose whole orientation is to "be right," regardless of all the factual evidence and, more importantly, regardless of the horrendous consequences of his actions for all those around him... me that spells sociopath.

Congratulations America. What does that tell us about us?

Michael Bright Crow