Friday, November 30, 2007

Dark, Cold, Quiet

This weekend is a v. good time to spend time in nature, meditating, feeling the cold, staring at the bare branches of the trees, watching the cold sun finally come up in the desert, experiencing the cold waves washing up on the barren beach.

Break away from everything that's "expected" of you. Our culture will NEVER give you time to visit the underworld. It's an act of radical revolution, especially for women, to declare that you are worth it, the underworld is worth it, the dark, in this society that crams the dark into Shadow, is worth it. Walk away. Walk away from the "need" to shop, to bake a billion xmas cookies, to "make a perfect holiday for your family" to sew and wrap and party and hang greenery and plan. Walk away, walk into the dark and the cold and the place where you can be alone with nature. You, silence, the cold, your own thoughts, your own Shadows.

Carry only a few things with you. Your journal. A gift of food for the birds. Your warmest cape. Silence. Curiosity. Peace. By next weekend, the moon will be dark, it will be time to begin new things. But here, now, when the moon is in balance, find balance for yourself in the silent dark, now, before the holiday madness claims all.


Luna said...

Thank you so much for that. It was exactly what i needed to hear.

Kim Antieau said...

Brilliant idea.

Lavanah said...

Great idea. Getting out my ritual long underwear and down coat, even as I type!