Sunday, March 02, 2008

First Flowers Of Spring

Hellebore bud, white crocus, purple crocus. I'm always threatening to pull out all the hellebores, but then they show up so early, when I'm really longing for a touch of Spring, and I forgive them for taking up so much space the rest of the year. I've got lots more crocus coming, but these two were the first. Since the crocus is the flower of friendship, I'm glad that they showed up together.


four legs good said...

A tip- focus the camera on the blossom, then hold down the shutter half way, this will lock the focus. Then you can move the camera to compose the shot.

The blossom will still be in sharp focus, even if you've composed your shot so it's not centered.

Hecate said...

Thank you, 4LG!

theysaywordscanbleed said...

beautiful flowers

thebench said...

A bit blurry, but they still look beautiful. Take a look at Heronswood Nursery, they have an incredible selection of Hellebores.