Saturday, March 08, 2008

My New Name For A Blog

What Charlene Said.

[I]n “post-conflict” Liberia 90% of the women were victims of sexual or other physical assault, and 75% were raped. A study of Liberian refugees in Sierra Leone in 2003 found that 75% of the women had been sexually violated before they fled their country; after they fled, 55% were sexually assaulted again.

. . .

Jones explains a central reason: although UN Security Council Resolution 1325 calls for women to be included in all peace processes, they are rarely invited to the table. With men in charge of “post-conflict” governments almost everywhere, their “fearful fascination with bad, bad men,” as Jones puts it, continues, and “the perverse preference for predators” trickles down. She notes that the most thuggish of the war criminals are often given government posts in the interim “post-conflict” structure of governance – rather than put on trial!

As I have written in The Resurgence of the Real, the countless independence wars and other conflicts rage on – without any truly strong pressure for a diplomatic solution – because, in large part, so many of the major economies depend on their highly lucrative arms trade.

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