Sunday, March 02, 2008

Satanism In Suburban Virginia

Que the worried, protesting fundies in 5, 4, 3, 2, . . . .


Anonymous said...

But if your name is Damien, you must be a Satanist. Just ask the West Memphis 3.

Maybe someday I'll tell the story of why I had to spend almost 2 years denying that I was a Satanist in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Echol's Judge was father in law to the prosecutor.

He's around the corner from me now, lovely having him as a local Barrister.

I used to work with a relative of Baldwin's, she had some Forensics background and was absolutely livid about the kangaroo court they held. She attended several of the days including substantial grand jury proceedings.

A girl one friend dated had Mark Byers as her Senior prom date. She quite socializing with him years later when he got into pet torture and sacrifice.

A knife he carried was consistent with wounds on the bodies, he was witnessed throwing it into a pond near Echol's house by several adult persons who made statements about it.

Byers was an informant to the local cops for the pawn/loan front he ran. They seemed reluctant to suspect him for some reason.