Thursday, April 09, 2009

Go Read Reya

Reya has a fascinating and (as always) well-written series of posts about spirit guides. Hers seem to give her practical advice like recipes for Spring tonics and advance info for classes she's going to take. Mine tend to show up and go: Hoo boy, are you going to regret doing this! ("This" being whatever I'm about to do.) The only other good writing I've ever found on spirit guides is by Emma Restall Orr, although she writes about her guides in the context of discussing other subjects, rather than directly.

Picture found here.

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Thalia said...

Sounds like you got Socrates's old daimon.

I found the second of Reya's posts that you linked to deeply, deeply offensive and insulting. Because according to her I am on par with someone who fucks animals.

So no, kinda not doing it for me.